You may have heard about Montessori, read about it, and even thought about enrolling your children in it, but it’s also quite possible you aren’t sure exactly what it is. Essentially, a Montessori education centers on each child, with the teacher presenting lessons to the individual, rather than a group. This individual attention helps the teacher become more familiar with the child and thus understand the child more fully, and be better equipped to provide for each child’s unique educational needs.

The first clue that things are different at the  Montessori School of Ojai is the quiet. Students work on math assignments while sitting at low tables, or read nestled among pillows in an elevated reading nook or on comfortable chairs placed around the classroom.

Another difference is our classroom structure. Children learn at their own pace, not tied to a strict schedule or tests. This approach fosters intellectual curiosity and nurtures a sense of internal discipline. As a result, once students graduate from MSO they are prepared for success wherever their learning journey takes them, whether that’s another independent school or a traditional public school.

As a whole, we value the spirit of cooperation as a means to cultivate excellence in each child and believe that participation in school community builds caring and responsible individuals.

Through these proven Montessori methods, we:

  • Aspire to maintain an environment where students develop a lifelong appreciation for learning.

  • Foster an appreciation of worldviews, arts and histories of diverse cultures.

  • Promote altruism, ethical reflection, independent thought, creative expression.

Our welcoming Montessori community is here to individually tailor each child’s education, and help them grow into global citizens with a passion for learning.